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Curious about how our content licenses work?

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We offer a variety of licenses tailored to meet the diverse needs of resellers, content creators, digital marketers, and online business owners.

Our licenses grant you the flexibility and freedom to use our products in ways that best suit your goals. Whether you’re looking to customize the content, resell it, or use it for personal purposes, we have a license that fits.

When you download a product, you’ll receive all the specific license details. This helps you use the content in line with the author’s guidelines.

By understanding the scope and limitations of each license, you can maximize the value of the products you purchase and ensure compliance with licensing agreements.

Our licenses are designed to empower you, offering the creative freedom to adapt and utilize our products to meet your specific needs. From extensive editing rights to simple resell permissions, we provide clear and concise terms so you can confidently use our products.

Our product licenses:

PLR: Private Label Rights

Private Label Rights (PLR) are highly favored among internet marketers due to the extensive freedoms they offer.

With a PLR license, you gain the ability to edit and modify the content to suit your specific needs. This includes adding your branding, such as your logo and name, to the product.

You can sell the product under your name and pass on certain rights, including Master Resell Rights (MRR), Resell Rights (RR), Give Away Rights (GAR), Personal Use (PU), and Commercial Use (CU) to your customers.

However, it’s important to note that you cannot pass on PLR rights to your customers.

Each product’s specific PLR agreement should be reviewed before proceeding with any major modifications or sales plans.

Generally, though, the PLR license offers significant flexibility and is an excellent choice for those looking to make the most out of their digital product investments.

MRR: Master Resell Rights

Master Resell Rights (MRR) allows you to sell the product to your customers and grant them the ability to resell it as well.

With an MRR license, your customers can also pass on certain rights, such as Resell Rights (RR), Give Away Rights (GAR), Personal Use (PU), and Commercial Use (CU), to their customers. This creates a cascading effect, enabling multiple layers of reselling.

However, it is crucial to understand that the content of MRR products cannot be edited. You must sell the product as-is, without making any modifications to the original content.

This type of license is ideal for those who want to expand their product offerings quickly and provide their customers with valuable products that they, in turn, can resell.

Always check the specific terms of the MRR license agreement to ensure compliance with the licensing rules.

RR: Resell Rights

Resell Rights (RR) allows you to resell the product to your customers in its original form.

When you purchase a product with RR, you have permission to sell it as-is, without making any modifications to the content.

This license is easy to use, making it a popular choice for those who want to quickly add new products to their offerings.

With an RR license, you can pass on certain rights to your customers, including Give Away Rights (GAR), Personal Use (PU), and Commercial Use (CU).

However, you cannot pass on Master Resell Rights (MRR) to your customers, meaning they cannot resell the product further or pass it on with resell rights. This ensures that the product remains within the scope of your direct customer base.

The RR license is ideal for those who want to expand their product range without the need for customization.

It allows you to offer high-quality products to your customers while maintaining the integrity and original content of the product.

Be sure to review the specific terms of each RR agreement to understand all the conditions and ensure proper usage.

PU: Personal Use

Personal Use (PU) license allows you to use the purchased product solely for your personal needs. This means you can utilize the content for activities such as reading, learning, or teaching yourself.

The PU license is perfect for those who want access to quality content for personal enrichment or educational purposes without the intention of distributing or reselling it.

Under a PU license, you are not permitted to resell, distribute, or alter the product in any way. The content must remain intact and used exclusively by you.

However, you can create unlimited backup copies of the product for personal use, provided you do not share these copies with others or distribute them in any form.

The PU license ensures that you have full access to the content for your individual use, making it ideal for personal development and study.

Always refer to the specific terms of each PU license to understand all the conditions and ensure that you are using the product correctly and legally.

GAR: Give Away Rights

Give Away Rights (GAR) allows you to distribute the purchased product for free to others.

This license grants you the authority to share the digital product with your subscribers, friends, or family without charging them for it. It’s a great way to increase visibility and build goodwill by offering valuable content at no cost.

Under a GAR license, you can distribute the product digitally, such as through email newsletters, websites, or social media platforms.

However, it’s important to note that you cannot sell the product under a GAR license unless explicitly stated otherwise in the product’s specific license terms.

While you can freely distribute the product, the GAR license typically does not allow for any modifications to the content. The product must be shared in its original form, ensuring that recipients receive the same quality and integrity of the content as you did.

The GAR license is beneficial for those looking to expand their audience and provide valuable content without monetary exchange.

Always review the specific terms of each GAR license to understand all the conditions and ensure compliance with licensing agreements.

CU: Commercial Use

A Commercial Use (CU) license grants you the right to use the purchased product for commercial purposes.

This means you can distribute, sell, or otherwise exploit the product for financial gain. CU licenses are typically more permissive than other licenses, allowing for a wide range of commercial activities.

Under a CU license, you have the freedom to sell the product directly to customers or incorporate it into larger projects that generate revenue.

This license is ideal for entrepreneurs, marketers, and businesses looking to leverage digital products to enhance their offerings and profitability.

It’s important to note that each CU license may have specific conditions outlined in the product agreement. These conditions may include restrictions on where and how the product can be sold, or any attribution requirements that need to be adhered to.

CU licenses provide flexibility and opportunities for monetization, making them a valuable choice for those seeking to maximize the commercial potential of digital products.

Always review the specific terms of each CU license to ensure that you are complying with all requirements and maximizing the use of the product for commercial purposes.

The Bottom Line

Understanding the various licenses – such as Private Label Rights (PLR), Master Resell Rights (MRR), Resell Rights (RR), Personal Use (PU), Give Away Rights (GAR), and Commercial Use (CU) – is crucial for effectively utilizing digital products.

Each license offers unique benefits and restrictions, catering to different needs from personal use and distribution to commercial exploitation.

Whether you’re a reseller, digital marketer, online entrepreneur, or content creator, choosing the right license ensures you can maximize the value of your investments while adhering to legal and ethical guidelines.

Always review the specific terms of each license to determine how you can best leverage the content to achieve your goals.

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